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Content Production

Want to be heard?

Create your podcast

We create and deploy audio and video-based content focused on podcasting and multimedia communications.
  • Rent Podcast Studio

2 studios with multiple sets adaptable for 2-4 people. Includes all audio and video equipment needed to record a podcast episode. Does not include sound engineers from our team. 

  • Podcast Production + Editing 

Conceptualization and planning, single episode production (video + audio), post-production, content creation for socials.  Includes rent of any podcast studio, all audio and video equipment needed to record a podcast episode and a sound engineer from our team to help you record your episode. 

  • Publishing + Social Media Management 

After planning, recording, and editing your podcast, we take care of publishing each episode ensuring effective communication through social media. 

  • Social media strategy, content creation, copywriting, graphic design.
  • Branding + Strategy

We bring your podcast idea to life through the adequate branding and personalized strategy to help you grow your podcast. 

  • Visual identity development: brand moodboards, logos, fonts. color palette, podcast covers for socials and spotify/youtube
  • Sound Design

We create an overall sonic palette (jingles, sound effects, unique music pieces, soundtracks, reinforcement emotional content) for pieces of art, focusing on commercials and podcasts. 

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