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Harmony and Business Inovation


Helping businesses to optimize their operations, through the implementation of solutions and practices adapted to the needs of hybrid workflows, achieving the standarized productivity boost, through innovation and process automation that contributes to the business growth and expansion with no need to increase expenses.

  • Employee Benefit Plan

Thanks to the 10X alliances you will provide additional benefits to the workers of your company by letting them know how important they and their families are to you, granting benefits that exceed traditional hiring expectations and make a difference in your productive or industrial sector.

  • Seed Capital Financing

Provide support to entrepreneurs who want to start their business so that they obtain the necessary resources to begin, pitch presentation simulation before a round of investment and first contact with investors.

  • Process Optimization

Global services reflected in new applicable tools, construction of evaluation, compliance, monitoring and results indicators, which allows managing all processes, procedures, stages and synergy between departments/areas or subareas of your business. It is an integrating process that allows a company to increase the fulfillment of goals/objectives through the productivity and specific function of each human, material and technological element in an integrated way.

  • Phases

    1. Operational audit
    2. Process optimization under ISO 9001 methodology (Includes certification)
    3. Financial Analytics
    4. Audit and Supplier Evaluation
    5. Commercial Reengineering
    6. Franchises
  • Certification Plans

      1. ISO 45001
      2. ISO 9001
      3. ISO 27001
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